***DEBUT ALBUM "Auditory Anomalies" AVAILABLE NOW***

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The Eclectic Banana Project

What is "The Eclectic Banana Project" you ask.

Eclectic: deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources
Banana: yellow fruit

We're a "Bunch" (see what we did there, bunch-banana) of musicians that have known each other for a million years getting together in the studio to write and record original songs for the purpose of releasing an album, drink beer and go on for hours about the good old days. We're a studio project but we've had lots of people ask when we're doing a gig, so we're getting a couple of sets together. cover songs we like, some original songs. Mostly self indulgent nonsense.
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Get Your Dance On - The Eclectic Banana Project
Best Friend - The Eclectic Banana Project
Window On the World - The Eclectic Banana Project
Rock My World - The Eclectic Banana Project
Kick Ass All Star Band - The Eclectic Banana Project
Home Town Heroes OEG Goal 30sec - The Eclectic Banana Project
Home Town Heroes OEG 2min - The Eclectic Banana Project
I am the Highway - Audio Slave 
The Original Fire - Audioslave 
Rock and Roll Fantasy - Bad Company 
Diggin A Hole - Big Sugar 
Lonely is the Night - Billy Squier 
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Upcoming Shows, last minute throw together stuff.

Outdoor Show
Live & Un-Rehearsed
Watts Up and The Eclectic Banana Project @ Newcastle Pub.
2 bands - 1 big show.
Alberta Homegrown Rock Star Search Finals
Century Casino, Edmonton.
Hey, we accidentally made the finals! We are one of 8 local bands to be featured in the Alberta Homegrown Rock Star Search.
5/19/20191pm to 7pm
Meta4 & The Eclectic Banana Project at House of 7even. Mar 15/2018
The Meta-Banana Show. We're teaming up with the guys from Meta4, long time buddies. Puttin on a show! Bring Bail Money.
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Important Late Breaking News and Stuff.

This is the link to download the protocols for putting on an Outdoor show with your band.


Looking for an App to manage your songs, setlist, rehearsals, play backing tracks.....

Check out Band Helper
Pete has found his Happy Zen Place.
Eclectic Breaking News: After leaving Pete on the charger for a few hours we got the vocal tracking done. This ain't your Grandpa's tune.....prepare to be moderately whelmed.
Bass Trackage
Eclectic Banana Update: Bass Track for the latest tuneage has been laid down by Brian "Pull my Finger" Barton. Groovin' & Movin', with a hint of elderberry.
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